Digital photographic images. Master's Degree Project 2019-2020.

MANNA explores food as a symbol of belonging, pleasure, & memory for people of mixed & migratory heritage. It is a response to the rise of populism in Brexit Britain & photographed between COVID lockdowns. Portrait and still-life images were created based on interviews with collaborators & the food they related to personally. The project was showcased in SOURCE and AIN'T BAD magazines & received critical acclaim from Bloomberg and New Art Exchange.

Tattooed young woman holding an apricot behind her head
The back of a tattooed young woman with her left hand outstretched over her shoulder blades covered in crushed apricot
Young woman caught in the act of eating a huge serving of ice cream off a spoon
A model raises her arms covered with melted ice cream in English summer landscape
A mirror stood in English summer landscape and covered in melting ice-cream
A partially eaten apple in a trophy case on an ornate tablecloth
Young woman with long dark har and apple peel caught in her hair
Young woman eating an apple at the seafront with a seagull flying over her head
Grape vines hanging from an arbour
Young woman on a picnic rug with milk and cookies covers her eyes with her hands while talking
Rosehip fruits hanging from a bush over green grass
Milk spilled outdoors on a mirror reflecting blue sky and a young woman
Young woman in a pale blue dress holding a plate outdoors
A blue plate with figs and a glass of milk on a picnic rug and a pair of legs just at the edge of the frame
Black woman's hand holding a crushed pomegranate
Young black woman holding unripe dates up to cover her eyes
Unripe dates and a lace crown sitting on a stained white cloth and sunlighht
Slices of red fruit sitting on a nest of chamomile and torn paper
Melting ice cream and an apple on a blue table top with a handwritten message next to it
A stack of semi-crushed blueberries on an orange tabletop with hands at the edge of the frame
A woman's hands opening a large cocoa bean pod in her lap
The shell of a cocoa pod filled with chamomile and water and resting on white paper

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