Montage and digitally painted portrait of model looking sideways against black background.
Abstract blurred image of model with wide stance against a white background
Still-life of pink raincoat with orange flowers upon it and a small mirror reflecting the sky.

James is a critically acclaimed photographer, artist, and creative producer. Known for pushing creative boundaries, driven by curiosity and collaboration, he has worked with fashion brands, model agencies, theatre companies, music publishers, advertisers, editorial teams, social enterprises, individual creatives, and entrepreneurs. Alongside his commercial work, he pursues a portfolio of personal projects motivated by an unwavering belief in diversity, self-expression, originality, & community. He is deeply committed to ethical, sustainable, and progressive practices, incorporating these into his creative work and business ethos.

As a producer, James guides projects and facilitates skills development, drawing on his direct experience of creative disciplines & industries including music, theatre, fine art, & digital media. In partnership with this, he provides bespoke appraisals, consultations, and mentoring services, helping others complete projects, campaigns, & creative pursuits. He is a staunch advocate for emerging creatives and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. By actively involving them in various projects he offers invaluable opportunities for professional growth and learning, helping to empower the next generation of visual artists, stylists, designers, models, and content creators.

His client list includes prestigious names such as Penguin/Random House, Rebel Rebel Agency, The National Theatre, Boosey & Hawkes, The Swatch Group, The Royal Opera House, and many others. His work has been lauded by Bloomberg, Fujifilm, and New Art Exchange. He has exhibited at HIPFest, the V&A (London), and HOME (Manchester) and has been published in the New York Times, The Guardian, SOURCE, Ain't-Bad, and on the BBC.

He holds a Master's Degree in Photography from Falmouth University. Originally from the UK, he is currently based in Australia.

Always looking to connect & create James is readily open to discussing projects and commissions, so reach out to him via the contact button below to talk further: