Digital photographic images. Work-in-Progress: 2023 - 2024.

This project explores how Gen-Z navigates a 'post-normal' world under the influence of permacrises, conglomerates, the rise of AI, and the repercussions of the COVID pandemic. Of particular interest is how leisure activities, food, and entertainment are used as means of agency through pleasure and self-expression; and as resistance to anxiety, stress, and fear. Of particular interest is how these create & occupy unique psychological spaces.

Young man standing in open doorway holding bottle of cream
Close up of person wearing plastic raincoat covered with spilt milk
Tree branches with cream spilled on them
Sponge cake crushed in a clear plastic suit cover
Bare-chested young man reclining on grass licking rice paper and wearing glasses covered in organic matter
Melted ice cream on grass lawn
Sun lounger with boxing gloves and make up left on it
Model in sunshine with hand casting shadow over eyes
Close up of pink scarf with lipstick and mascara on it all resting on a mirror reflecting the sky

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