James is a UK-based Anglo-Italian photographer and lens-based visual artist and holds a Master’s Degree in Photography from Falmouth University.

He uses photography, mixed-media, digital technology, and participatory elements to create work that explores community, cultural construction, and personal heritage.  

His project MANNA gained critical acclaim from curators at Bloomberg and the New Art Exchange, and SOURCE Magazine showcased the project. He has exhibited at Hull International Photography Festival, the V&A, and Home (Manchester). He has been published in The Observer, The New York Times, Ain't-Bad, and on other media outlets and platforms including the BBC.

He also provides extensive photographic services to arts and culture institutions and individuals under the brand Bello Photo Pro:

PLEASE NOTE: from the end of June 2023, James is relocating to Brisbane, Australia. Contact details remain the same.


Phone: +44 (0)7967 382342

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