The Liberation Bone (2020-2021)

The Liberation Bone is an examination of my own historic consumption of recreational drugs, medication and other pharmaceutical interventions, and my relationship to them. As I explored the memories and experiences I have had of this consumption I realised that, at its core (like most misplaced or addictive forms of consumption), there was a desire for escape and liberation from the person I was. It was a choice that I hoped would lead me to a new version of ‘me’, beyond the bounds of who I was at the time and possibly even beyond being human. In approaching this project, I am attempting to understand what led me to take those drugs: confusion, trauma. I also wanted to explore the rituals, joys and breathtaking magic inherent within some of the experiences. Visually I have attempted to create a body of work that has the feel of the night as it moves into dawn as so many of the experiences I've had with drugs have been connected to those times of the day. So I have used candlelight and colours that represent night and dawn in the work.

Photographic still-lives and montage including food, personal and found objects, and mixed-media. 

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