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Updated: Jun 7

conceptual portrait diptych
Diptych (from MANNA project). Copyright James Bellorini 2020.

Who is this photographer?

This first post on my all-new website is for two kinds of people. Those that already know me as a photographer and (more importantly) those that don't. Those that do know me (especially my clients) will have more questions because, yes, I've changed. But don't worry it's not you, it's me ;-)

Let me explain by taking a quick look at the journey that has got me here.

I started out as a freelance photographer seven years ago. I have built a diverse client base that includes international brands and individual artists. I love making images for other people but I always had an itch to create work that explored something more personal. Work that chimes more with my life experiences, values, and interests. That's not to say my commercial work didn't at times have elements of that. But fulfilling a client brief requires a focus on what the client wants to express and not me.

What is this new work he’s doing? And why?

I’ve always been committed to ongoing learning that develops my abilities and skills. In 2019 I began a two-year online Master's Degree (M.A.) in Photography through Falmouth University. This meant I could continue my freelance work whilst studying photography at a deeper level. It gave me a valuable platform to explore new ways of using photography to develop my voice. I got my MA (with Distinction) in early 2021.

pomegranate held by black woman
Image from MANNA project’s JERUSALEM REDUX sequence. Copyright James Bellorini 2020.

The developments in my practice over the two years led to a reappraisal of myself as a photographer. Especially in the way that I work, and why I use a camera to express myself and the dialogue I have with the world. I make my best work when I’m driven by a deep motivation that seeks to explore specific human experiences. And, by combining my work with the facilitation of community projects, I saw how photography has an ability to challenge division and unite people.

I learnt about the power that cultural symbols (food for example) have in endorsing heritage and ones own personal journey. They do this because they are rich with shared experiences that break down cultural divides, whilst at the same time communicating qualities of diversity. They are a powerful foundation for what we are as a society and help us to shrug off negative narratives that endorse division.

What‘s on this new website?

So this new aspect of my practice is now presented alongside my commercial work. That’s not to say I’m saying goodbye to my current client list and the type of work I make for them. But that I am looking to blur the boundaries between them as they fuel each other. I now seek out commissions that can use the voice I’ve discovered as a photographic artist.

On this website, you will find work for my MA project MANNA - Food, identity, & belonging. Smaller sequences of work exploring heritage and belonging. There’s an overview of work from both personal and commercial practices. And, of course, a gallery of some of my client-based work from past commissions. You’ll also find more info about me on the About page (where else?). There's also a link there to client proofing and download galleries.

So, I hope this post gives you all (old friends and new) an idea of who I am and that maybe some of this new work speaks to you and interests you. I look forward to sharing more of this journey with you here and wish you all a really safe and healthy day.

Email: james@jamesbellorini.co.uk

Mobile: +44 (0)7967 382342

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