James Bellorini

Open-Handed Gestures from a Migrant Sun (2022)

Photographic works including image transfers, acetate, papers, and honeycomb blocks.

Open-Handed Gestures from a Migrant Sun is a short sequence of images that explore some of my childhood memories of Italy and Sicily. I was born in the UK to an English Mother and Italian Father and we would visit Italy once or twice a year to stay with relatives and explore the country. The culture of Italy is present in my life in a way that bleeds between reality, memory, and dream. I wanted to way to recall the sensuality of those memories visually: the colours, smells, foods etc. At the same time I became intrigued by the idea of memory as a form of palimpsest: layer upon layer of sensations, imagery, and events. I made layered images in camera by using hand-made image transfers on clear acetate and paper placed in front of an illuminated honeycomb - an item that symbolises the warm sweetness of Italian sunlight and the proximity of nature I recall from my childhood. These were composed very formally to lend them the quality of something found on display in a museum - a museum of the self.

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