Food, identity, & belonging.

'Food is a very significant draw.

There's a lot of rituals and it'll put the whole community together.

It's almost unexplained.

It's the trace memory on my nervous system.'

Mette, July 2020.

Food is more than just what we eat. It is a potent presence with the power to invoke emotions, memories, and all manner of sensations. These qualities make food an expressive symbol for who we are and what preoccupies us as individuals and society in general.

Working with contributors from mixed-heritage backgrounds and experiences, this body of work examines the capacity of food to be a cultural artifact, symbol of personal genealogy, and way to connect to a sense of belonging.

Click to listen to soundscape made with the project contributors:

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MANNA is an ongoing project originally developed as part of my Masters Degree in Photography through Falmouth University.  This gallery shows works that were presented as part of my Final Major Project in December 2020 alongside additional images that contribute to the ongoing development of the project. 


More direct information on the project and my Master's Degree work can be found here:

My MA research journal can be found here:

Images from MANNA are published in Ain't-Bad (Issue 15) 

and were also selected by curators from New Art Exchange and Bloomberg for Source Magazine's graduate showcase in October 2021: 

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